Truth Has Left The Media: Indisputable Evidence of Liberal Media Bias

Posted: May 7, 2013 by David Fiorazo in David's Blog, Media Bias

Gosnell freezer

Gosnell Trial Proves Massive Media Malpractice  (Part 6)

“Did you ever think the media in America would get to the point where details, facts, and news about one of the most horrific killing sprees in recent history would be covered-up, minimized, or omitted altogether?

It should not take a conservative firestorm to hold the media accountable, but it does. During the Gosnell trial, concerned Americans and citizen journalists used blogs emails, Facebook posts, and a ‘Twitterfest’ to call attention to a tragic story that should break our hearts. The public deserves to know the truth, but in this day and age in America, we must actively demand it from the media.”  


The Audacity of Drones  (Part 5)

If drone killing isn’t controversial enough for the media to report on, either they don’t value life – including life in the womb – or they prioritize protecting the president they voted for over telling American citizens the truth. Congress must debate this controversial policy and set clear boundaries before it gets out of hand. I’m all for defending America, but not at the expense of increased government power and authority over the very citizens they’ve pledged to protect and serve.”


Gay Marriage and Media: A Match Made in America  (Part 4)

“It has been proven the media are generally opposed to the Bible and generally favor laws to redefine marriage. Three out of four ‘journalists’ believe homosexuality is acceptable and no different a lifestyle than heterosexuality…

The primary objectives of the Left are to eradicate Christianity in America and, in an effort to remove the Bible’s influence, take down the church. The good news is more people are paying attention, distrust of the media is at an all-time high, and approximately 92% of Americans use multiple platforms to get their news.”

march for life crowdOccupy vs. the Tea Party: Keeping Americans Uninformed  (Part 3)

These were two of the biggest public movements affecting America in years, but there was a stark difference in how the media reported on them. For example, Occupy Wall Street drew 24 broadcast network stories in the first nine days of coverage while the Tea Party drew only 19 in the first nine months! This isn’t journalism, folks. The media practically became OWS’s public relations department… Our freedoms are under attack. We know what side the media is on. Let’s keep exposing hypocrisy and sharing the truth.

Obama-Solar-Panels-3-2012Media Keeping Americans Uninformed: Green Energy Failures  (Part 2)

Concerned American citizens that don’t know the facts about how our government uses taxpayer dollars are being misled because the truth is not reported by the media. Before the massive economic stimulus bill passed in 2009, VP Joe Biden insisted, “We have to spend more money to keep from going bankrupt.” That was three and a half years ago and Americans are still paying the bills.

An entire month after Solyndra declared bankruptcy, a Pew survey found 43% of Americans “had never even heard of the scandal.” As for MSNBC, their primetime lineup went months without even acknowledging Solyndra. Bankruptcies and failures won’t diminish the Obama administration’s drive to keep spending our money as long as the media refuses to hold them accountable.

2013_March_For_LifeMedia Bias is Keeping Americans Uninformed: The Issue of Life  (Part 1)

The majority of Americans don’t believe that the mainstream media reports accurately and fairly. Polls also show distrust of today’s media is at a record high. It is important to understand where their loyalty lies and by their reporting, it’s extremely easy to see the elite media has an anti-Christian, secular-progressive worldview.

The new normal where journalism is concerned is if a story doesn’t fit their narrative and their politics, the mainstream media with their anti-biblical worldview simply refuse to report the honest facts to citizens they’re supposedly informing. Rather than telling people about problems in America that affect us, they ARE part of the problem in America. The media has too much power: power to influence people, affect public opinion, and sway elections – and they do. Know the truth, share information, and help change culture.

Eric-Holder-13-SCFast And Furious Scandal Revived By Gun Control Agenda

In June 2012, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was voted in con­tempt of Congress by 259 members of the House of Representatives for stonewalling the investigation into the Operation Fast and Furious scandal. In all of American history, no sitting Cabinet member has been held in contempt of Congress until now. President Obama even stepped in and used his “executive privilege” to protect Eric Holder. If Holder did nothing wrong, why did he need protection and why not cooperate with the investigation? What’s Holder hiding?

We should now be seriously considering whether this current administration is above the law. Similar to the flagrant corruption over the Benghazi tragedy, even if the truth is finally exposed and Holder resigns over Fast and Furious, the media successfully protected the president. The media keeps glossing over corruption, and those of us who are informed have watched in astonishment.

United Socialist States Of America FlagFreedom Or Socialism? The Choice Is Still Ours

Thanks in part to the mainstream media, more Americans seem to be open to big government today than ever before, but do they really understand where it could lead? Apparently, we haven’t learned from the historic, epic failures of socialism throughout the world. Have the promoters of these policies ever been asked by the media to provide examples of one successful program they have presided over?

Norman Thomas once said, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”

Do not allow today’s news or the agenda of the Left to cause you to lose your focus or your effectiveness for the Lord. This is all temporary. He is eternal. We are here for such a time as this and God has chosen us. Rally, stir up and strengthen fellow Christians. Regardless of the condition of culture and what is happening in America, we are responsible for using our time wisely while we’re here. Enemy forces want to blot out God and our freedoms, but He has entrusted this generation with His commission and to infiltrate society for Christ. 


Liars and Tyrants and Bureaucrats – AND the Media!

I hope I’m wrong; nothing will come from any of this.

With Americans as uninformed and disinterested as we’ve ever seen, consider the mounting information that continues to be brushed under the rug. If President Obama were a Republican, he never would have been reelected in 2012 and he’d be impeached in 2013.

But the media refuses to report the truth – unless they are practically forced to – about anything remotely negative on Obama, and four years of this has not only led to a well- insulated president, but also citizens who are not hearing many facts.

sebelius and obama

Media Forced to Report Truth about Obamacare: Yes, it’s that Bad

You know things are bad when the public outcry over the president’s signature legislation is so strong it forces the Democrats in the media to report the facts  – even though it reflects negatively on the president they’ve been protecting for five years.

And – you know it’s bad when atheist and progressive Bill Maher said, “I don’t think Obama should have lied to people.”

What did the president know and when did he know it? Expect the circus of chaos and corruption to continue. If this keeps up however; liberals, progressives, and the socialist agenda could take a major hit in America.

We simply want more truth and less bias. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

bias and propaganda



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