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[An excerpt from ERADICATE; BLOTTING OUT GOD IN AMERICA by David Fiorazo]

For you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light; …Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them. Ephesians 5:8, 11

“In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate – look to his character.” – Noah Webster, 1789

When asked about President Obama’s faith during an interview in February 2012, Franklin Graham gave an opinion and was ganged up on. He answered honestly, but evidently it was not the correct answer. All Graham said was that when the president proclaims faith in Jesus and his actions don’t match his words, it is not authentic Christian faith. Most of us know the powers that be at MSNBC wanted to set Mr. Graham up so they could attack what he stands for – biblical Christianity. I get it, that’s part of the game in the elite media. We need to be prepared when those who are hostile to Christianity frame the debate.

The question should not be ”is someone a Christian or not” because we can’t know a person’s heart. The question in this case should be ”What kind of Christian is President Obama?”

Every one of us is under the same scrutiny because we worship a holy God. If we say we are a Christian, do our lives reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Word of God? In the chapter about truth, we established the fact that a person’s faith and worldview affects every decision he or she makes. It is ludicrous to ignore the religious background of the President of the United States, the most powerful public office in our country. The problem is most Americans ignored Barack Obama’s history before he was elected president.

When Solomon took over the throne of his father, King David, he knew what a great responsibility it was to lead all the people. God told Solomon to ask Him for whatever he wanted (2 Chron. 1:10). Solomon could have had anything, but he asked for wisdom and knowledge so he could rule over the people wisely. He didn’t ask for power, social justice or wealth redistribution, and not universal healthcare, not more funding for abortion, not environmental investments, not amnesty for illegal immigrants, and not gay rights – he wanted wisdom to govern diligently.

If we listen to what President Obama says regarding Christianity and then observe what he does, it can be confusing; things don’t add up. The Bible is not ambiguous. However, I agree with what a blogger on a Christian site wrote: “It’s not my place to judge Obama’s faith. I can see the fruit he bears, and I don’t like what I see. I need to pray for him more.”


They asked Graham on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “Do you believe President Obama is a Christian?” The first thing Franklin Graham said was “I think you have to ask President Obama.” The host fired back “So you don’t take him at his word when he says he’s a Christian?” Graham calmly responded that since Obama has said he’s a Christian “I just have to assume that he is. But the question is ‘what is a Christian?’” This is typically the best part of any Franklin Graham interview as he shares the gospel message.

After hearing the entire gospel presentation which followed Graham’s responses, one of the co-hosts still came back with, “So by your definition, he’s not a Christian?” And it went back and forth for another round when another host said, “I just don’t get it, Reverend, I mean I don’t want to harp on this but….” The interview was almost as entertaining as it was infuriating. The next subject was Obama’s upbringing, and Graham was asked if he thought Obama was a Muslim. Here is his patient, well-informed response:

“Under Islamic law, under Shariah law, Islam sees him as a son of Islam, because his father was a Muslim, his grandfather was a Muslim, his great-grandfather was a Muslim. So under Islamic law, the Muslim world sees President Obama as a Muslim, as a son of Islam. That’s just the way it works.

“Now those Christian minorities throughout the entire Arab world are under attack. A Newsweek magazine cover story last week was about the massacre of Christians in the Islamic world. From Europe all the way through the Middle East to Africa into East Asia, Muslims are killing Christians. The president can come out and make a statement demanding that if these countries do not protect their minorities, no more foreign aid from the United States…. The society in these Islamic countries is not protecting the Christians anymore.

“These Christians are having their churches burned….Women are being raped. They’re being murdered. Because under Shariah law Muslims can take a Christian’s property, take a Christian’s life, can take his daughter. And this is what is happening. The governments are not able to protect the minorities in the society. And they’re unwilling to protect them.

“If a government is not going to protect the minorities, we should not give them one dollar of U.S. aid … And he’s got the power of the White House,” Graham complained. “He could be speaking to these countries right now, demanding that they protect the Christians in those countries. He’s been quiet about it.

“We [Samaritan’s Purse] have an aid station in Southern Sudan. The Sudanese dropped bombs on it right before Christmas. We have a Bible school. Just two weeks ago the Sudanese air force dropped eight bombs on that Bible school. Why doesn’t the president come out and try to bring peace to the Sudan?”

Amazingly, none of the panelists interrupted or disagreed! However, they did go right back to their agenda. One of the panelists accused Graham of a double standard for saying earlier that he considered Rick Santorum a Christian because he and Santorum share many of the same values. Franklin Graham responded, “You have to look at what a person does with his life. Anybody can say they’re a Christian.”

The woman on the panel kept giving Graham condescending glances and another co-host smugly implied Graham was being judgmental by assessing other people’s faith. The funny thing is – that’s why they had him on the show! Graham responded to the criticism with, “You guys go through the newspapers every day. You’re checking off articles that are written. I look at a person’s political interests, but more importantly I look at their spiritual interests. I’m not judging them. But you have to go by what a person says and how they live their life.”

So then, you will know them by their fruits. (Matthew 7:20)

In 2008, American citizens, Christians included, refused to judge Barack Obama by his own words, his stance on abortion, gay marriage, and by his questionable Chicago history and radical activism. I don’t dislike the man, but I’d much rather have someone else in the White House. I do pray for his heart to be softened and for him to be humbled, but I also pray for him to be saved if he isn’t already…

*Much more can be found in chapter 5 – President Obama’s Faith & Fruit: Actions Speak Louder Than Words, including an earlier excerpt from this chapter here:




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Understand, Combat, & Overcome the anti-Christian agendas in America; Resist apathy and help me sound the alarm to fellow believers!

Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, which were about to die; for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of My God. So remember what you have received and heard; keep it, and repent. Therefore if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come to you.  (Revelation 3:2-3)

IF you believe the following:
  • God’s Word is perfect, holy, eternal
  • Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life
  • Believers are saved by grace through faith
  • Christians have a responsibility to live as salt and light in culture and proclaim the Gospel of His salvation, to make disciples, and to bear fruit for the kingdom of God
  • There are anti-Christian agendas in America and our struggle is not against flesh and blood however, the battle is both spiritual and physical
  • America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and values
  • God has blessed the United States of America, but this country has turned its back on Him
  • God is being blotted out of America starting in the public square
  • Too many Christians and churches have blended in with culture and have conformed to the world (Rom. 12:2) instead of transforming culture through Jesus Christ
  • Morality is rapidly declining in America and the Church has been ineffective or silent in the culture war
  • The only hope is the love, grace, and Truth of Jesus Christ; and we are here for such a time as this in America; though there’s plenty of work to do and battles to be fought, God is sovereign and in complete control at all times…
  • We must not be overcome by evil, but we must overcome evil with good! (Rom. 12:21)
THEN, we have plenty in common!

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Reports have been done. Whistles have been blown. Information has been available over the last three decades that has been rightly critical of the NEA containing the same list of problems: decreasing test scores, poor academic performance, high dropout rates, ineffective curriculum, student violence, and even low teacher morale. The NEA’s solution is more money for education, better health plans, smaller class size, higher teacher pay, new buildings, new curricula, more computers, more….

Enter socialist John Dewey [1859-1952]. Dewey once plotted a long-range, comprehensive strategy that would reorganize primary education to serve the needs of socialization. “Change must come gradually,” he wrote. “To force it unduly would compromise its final success by favoring a violent reaction.” In other words, Dewey was saying that implementing socialistic ideas had to be done slowly; otherwise those who truly cared about educating children would become angry and resist.


Longtime member of the American Federation of Teachers, atheist and “progressive” philosopher, John Dewey, has had tremendous influence on education. He taught at Columbia University, The University of Michigan, and Chicago University. Through the years, Dewey was a member of many Marxist organizations and a totalitarian socialist who wanted government to take over all education via government schools. Dewey rejected traditional religion and moral absolutes and is considered the epitome of liberalism by many historians, sometimes even portrayed as “dangerously radical.”

John Dewey and his colleagues are responsible for deciding that since high literacy was an obstacle to their progressive agenda, the NEA needed to reduce emphasis on reading. Dewey’s agenda has produced absolutely tragic results in American education. He and a few other progressives brought in the system of “social studies.” Naturally, this direction soon edged God out of public school curriculums as Dewey disparaged schooling that focused on traditional character development. It’s no wonder today’s youth have a distorted view of our founders.

“The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.” – John Adams

Dewey wanted to transform America into a secular and socialist country and had major support from the Rockefellers. In order to move toward that end, he, along with other progressives, concluded the young must be less educated and less informed than their parents. John Dewey was also a trainer of teachers and a creator of curriculums. He spent a good portion of his adult life attempting to reconstruct the American system.

In 2005, HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public policy leaders to compile a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries.15 John Dewey’s 1916 book Democracy and Education made the list as the fifth most harmful book over two centuries! The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx was first on the list, and Hitler’s Mein Kampf was number two. (Marx’s Das Kapital was number six, immediately after Dewey)

Karl Marx once said that “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.”

While teaching at Columbia University in 1935, John Dewey came up with his own list of the twenty-five most influential books since 1885. Number one on the list was Das Kapital by Karl Marx. So the father of modern education, Dewey, considered Marxism pretty important, even going so far as to say it was “one of the greatest modern syntheses of humane values.” Number two was a famous 1887 novel by Edward Bellamy. In Looking Backward, Edward Bellamy depicted a happy, socialist America where greed and material want ceased to exist; harmony prevailed, the arts and sciences flourished, and an all-powerful government and bureaucracy were efficient and fair. Bellamy saw America becoming socialist by way of consensus rather than revolution.

This is exactly what Dewey wanted in America. In his 1934 essay, “The Great American Prophet,” Dewey claimed capitalism imposed a restriction on freedom and “socialized industry and finance” would be the vehicle by which people would reach their full potential. How could he believe that, and why write so much about Dewey? He changed NEA curriculums!

Six years earlier John Dewey traveled to the former Soviet Union with others from the NEA and studied the communist education system. It was 1928, and the Soviet system of Socialist education was very similar to China’s system. Dewey was apparently manipulated and was not given the full picture as the Soviets only showed him what they planned for him to see. The Bolsheviks had invited Dewey and enjoyed his work so much they translated his books into Russian.

In Dr. Paul Kengor’s 2010 book, Dupes and the Religious Left, Dr. Paul Kengor talks about how the Bolsheviks rolled out the red carpet for Dewey in Russia and even implemented the same books by Dewey that teachers’ colleges and education departments in the United States have used to “train a century of public school educators.” When he came back praising their development of progressive education ideas, Kengor writes, “He did exactly what Stalin hoped, promoting the ‘new world’ he discovered in the USSR.” In one account, Dewey hailed the “restoration” of Russia’s churches when everyone knew the Bolsheviks were demolishing churches.


As part of his agenda, John Dewey co-authored and signed the Humanist Manifesto in 1933. Humanism is a worldview that focuses on human values and concerns, attaching prime importance to people rather than on a divine or supernatural being. The Humanist Manifesto is a philosophy and value system which does not necessarily include belief in any personal deity or “higher power.” It referred to Humanism as a religious movement to transcend and replace previous religions. This philosophy promoted by John Dewey refutes the salvation of God. In fact, Dewey promoted the teaching of the Theory of Evolution in order to popularize humanism.

Evolution denounces any existence of God; if there is no God, there is no need for salvation. John Dewey was adamantly opposed to anything that supported the Christian faith. He believed the children needed to be re-educated away from the traditional values of the parent. He felt this would make them better citizens for the new world order. He also believed in the redistribution of wealth and called for universal socialism. Dewey had an alarming philosophy:

“You can’t make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society, which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

Dewey was the first honorary president of the NEA and a major influence on school curriculums. What a drastic contrast between John Dewey and early American settlers whose primary goal and desire, where education was concerned, was for their children to be able to read the Bible proficiently and live its principles freely. In 1936, the NEA stated one of its reformed goals: “We stand for socializing the individual.” Apparently, Dewey and his ilk were effective enough to transform the system so that 88% of Christian children deny their faith by the time they graduate from college.

“I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.” – John D. Rockefeller

(This is an excerpt from “The NEA Agenda,” chapter 3 in ERADICATE: BLOTTING OUT GOD IN AMERICA)

*For more from author David Fiorazo, check out the latest here.

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After four years of the Obama administration’s increasing use of remote-controlled, unmanned drones to kill our enemies, there are suddenly a few more in the media feeling obligated to report on the policy.

A new set of ethical issues is being discussed. The FAA is looking into how to regulate what some call ‘the drone age.’ When liberals say things like ‘Bush would have been impeached if he did what Obama is doing,” rest assured it’s newsworthy and conservatives should jump on the story.

Tina Brown, editor for the Daily Beast/Newsweek basically admitted to media hypocrisy saying:

“He’d be impeached by now for drones if he was George W. Bush… a Republican president; the outcry about drones would be far greater.”

Recently, memos on the president’s drone-use policy were released, perhaps to make Obama look stronger in fighting terror. Ironically, when first elected, Obama used the word “terror” only once in his 2009 inaugural address. Times have changed. The Obama administration has openly carried out more than six times the drone attacks approved by the Bush White House and the main reason most Americans are unaware is the media looks the other way.

Obama made closing Guantanamo Bay prison a campaign issue and has been unable to follow up on his promise. Instead he now seems to favor a policy of killing to avoid prisoner detention. With few exceptions, the media has apparently been fine with openly using drones – that have killed many innocent bystanders – when they feverishly protested the use of enhanced interrogation techniques under Bush. They and Obama considered water boarding prisoners to be ‘torture’ but they justify this policy of bombing suspects with no judicial review or trial.

The drone controversy has been brewing for months now. Judge Andrew Napolitano recently emphasized that the government’s legal memos on Obama’s policy to kill people overseas includes American citizens. Memos were released after a year of stonewalling federal judges who were seeking legal justification on drone use. What is this administration’s legal basis for claiming the right to kill without due process, thus suspending guaranteed constitutional protections?

“The undated and unsigned 16-page document leaked to NBC refers to itself as a Department of Justice white paper. Its logic is flawed, its premises are bereft of any appreciation for the values of the Declaration of Independence and the supremacy of the Constitution, and its rationale could be used to justify any breaking of any law by any “informed, high-level official of the U.S. government.”

Under the Constitution, the president can only order killing using the military when the United States has been attacked, or when an attack is imminent. Obama and his advisers have used the word “surgical” to defend the use of drones as humane and necessary, but the fact is out of the 2,300 drone-caused deaths, approximately 14 percent have been innocent civilians.

Such gravitas caused PBS’s Bill Moyers to question those who gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize implying it has become tarnished. Moyers now feels the president is indifferent to collateral damage and even called Obama’s drone use “cold-blooded.”

Ultra liberal Columbia University professor, Marc Lamont Hill even admitted the media refuses to hold Obama accountable saying, “I think the problem is we [Democrats] have convinced ourselves that Obama’s drones are somehow softer and kinder and gentler than Bush’s drones.”

Eric Holder’s Justice Department provided justification for killing the radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, born in New Mexico, in an American drone strike in September 2011. Note that Obama and Holder had the audacity to denounce the legal method of interrogating terrorists by waterboarding decrying former VP Dick Cheney’s defense of the policy. The double standards are astounding.

For once I give the ACLU credit for calling the new memo a disturbing document saying it’s a “stunning overreach of executive authority.” In his confirmation hearing for the CIA, John Brennan defended Obama’s counterterrorism program and despite evidence, he stated that drone attacks are carried out “as a last resort, to save lives when there is no other alternative.”

Where is the line drawn? It should alarm us that our government also has the authority to use drones against its own people. During the Obama administration, conservatives, Tea Party participants, and even our veterans can be scrutinized by as dangerous or suspicious.

Referring to a 2012 DHS report, retired Army lieutenant colonel, Robert Maginnis writes:

Is this a slippery slope whereby the government might turn drone technology on Americans at home it labels “terrorists”? That’s an alarming thought, but so are past statements made by this government…  [The 2012 report advocates] warning police to be suspicious of anyone that feels their way of life is endangered, anyone that is religious, and anyone that might be interested in “personal liberty” and/or firearms.

The domestic drone market is now expected to grow quickly. Congress must debate this controversial policy and set clear boundaries before it gets out of hand. I’m all for defending America, but not at the expense of increased government power and authority over the very citizens they’re pledged to protect and serve.

Evangelist Ray Comfort produced a documentary (180 movie) in which he gets people thinking about ethical dilemmas involving life. Comfort asks: “It’s 1939, you have a high-powered rifle, and you have Hitler in your sights. Would you pull the trigger?” After most respond “yes,” he then asks: “If it was 30 years earlier, would you have killed Hitler’s pregnant mother knowing what you know now?”

If drone killing isn’t controversial enough for the media to report on, either they don’t value all life – including life in the womb – or they prioritize protecting the president they voted for over telling American citizens the truth. Maybe it’s both.

*To catch up on the first three articles in this media malpractice series, click here:


Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…. Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.      (Romans 12:2, Ephesians 5:15-17)

Christianity is not the thriving, influential power it once was in America. With a majority of people claiming the Christian tradition, why does our godless culture barely reflect the light of Jesus Christ? Someone recently said, “God may not be dead, but I think a bunch of his people might be.” There are two things going on at the same time that contribute to America’s decline: Christians are conforming to the world and the agenda to blot out God in America continues to advance at full speed. In this book, we will examine how this is happening and investigate the people and organizations that are the driving forces of immorality. We will scrutinize the major reasons America has fallen away from God.

We’re living in sad times when professing Christians know less about the Bible than ever before. Why is this? Many believers are receiving little more than their Gerber’s on Sunday mornings and pastors must shoulder some of the responsibility, but individual believers will be held accountable for how we use our time. It’s up to us to study God’s Word on our own. Decade after decade, the church has been less and less active and vocal in American society and today we’re suffering the consequences. We’ve backed out of culture and have made it easier for those who are hostile toward Jesus Christ to gain control of our country.

There are many whose ultimate goal is to destroy our Judeo-Christian way of life and wipe out evidence of the foundational principles that made us a great nation. The enemy has pawns in his control; some of them are knowingly being used for evil and others naively. In this book, we will examine Hollywood, media, government, public education, and the church. With a background in radio and television, one of my biggest disappointments is in the lies, omissions, and propaganda of media today. The enemy is working from within to ruin America and instead of contending for the faith and resisting, Christians have compromised. Charles Spurgeon once said, “I believe that one reason the church of God at this present moment has had so little influence over the world is because the world has so much influence over the church.”

In spite of all its failures, America is still the greatest, most exceptional demonstration of faith, family, and freedom in the world. The war has intensified and there are Christians who don’t even know how bad it is. Some don’t want to know. For instance, according to Relevant Magazine, 64% of unmarried Christians in the 18-29 age range have had sex within the last year. A baby is aborted in America every 26 seconds and according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, seven out of ten women claimed to be Christian at the time they had an abortion! We’re going to look at a few conflicting definitions of Christianity.

Recently, pro-life organization Live Action reported on the practice of sex-selective abortions in the United States (Gendercide). Planned Parenthood was exposed again in an undercover video in May 2012.2 We will thoroughly investigate some of the hidden history of the eugenics movement, Planned Parenthood, and the abortion industry. You will also learn about the biggest influences on the spread of sexual promiscuity in America. Forty percent of all babies born in America are born out of wedlock partly because marriage has been devalued.

Christianity no longer propels this country and by looking at our younger generation, we should be alarmed! Pew Research reports that among Americans between ages 18-29, one-in-four say they are not currently affiliated with any particular religion. Moreover, after just one year of college, 85% of youth turn away from God. Tragically, many young people today coming out of the public school system were not taught properly about America’s Christian heritage and were fed a steady diet of liberal opinion. Parents, if you are not helping to educate your kids and build their faith, the world will gladly “program” them for you.

We have lost our moral compass and I’m not just talking about rampant profanity, marketing sex to children in public schools or garbage-infested primetime television programming. I’m not just referring to Hollywood, the lewd lyrics in much of today’s music, or the fact our culture has practically accepted baby killing and homosexuality. I’m talking about hostility toward Jesus Christ and open rebellion against God. Americans today justify sins that never, ever would have been allowed fifty years ago. Apathy is killing us, but God’s people are also destroyed because of a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). These are desperate times. We must have a sense of urgency, and we cannot remain neutral any longer!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, and anti-fascist. He was involved in a plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler which led to Bonhoeffer’s arrest in 1943 and hanging in 1945. This was just 23 days before the Nazis’ surrendered. Bonhoeffer’s view of the role of Christianity in the secular world has been very influential. One of his famous quotes is:

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak; not to act is to act.”

The time is short and somehow the church in America must awaken from its slumber. Truth is being suppressed and people are dying without salvation. Some of the content in these pages will be appalling, eye-opening and infuriating. This is not a bad thing unless we do nothing with the information provided. Someone once said decisive moments are fleeting, and when presented must be acted upon or the window of opportunity could close. What is left at that point is regret or pondering what might have been. Too many believers are rolling over and hitting the snooze button.

God is calling us to redeem the time. Peter exhorts believers to prepare their minds for action (1 Peter 1:13), and the apostle Paul reminds us that regardless of what comes against us, God is for us (Romans 8:31). These men died defending the gospel and glorified the Lord in the process. Are we ready to commit to truly living what we believe? Would you do it for your Savior?

Jesus Christ lived a radical, counter-cultural life. He obeyed God the Father and transformed the world. He overcame the power of the enemy. Jesus relentlessly resisted sin, opposed legalism, and confronted hypocrisy. He loved unconditionally, he forgave freely, and he sacrificed himself completely. He spoke the truth boldly, exhibited humility, and lived with integrity. He is the Light of the world. He is our standard and our goal; the only way to the Father. Following his example may cause people to ridicule and hate us. What an honor!

Though we share a common Constitution, country and culture, Americans are greatly divided over many issues, but none more important than the person of Jesus Christ. Either people accept and advance biblical truth, or they refuse and resist it. There is no neutral ground, but some Christians are trying to live with one foot in church and one in the world.

The choice is ours: we can face the reality of what is happening in America and take action, or we can look the other way. It’s time to know your spiritual allies. This republic under God continues to be a threat to atheism, communism, socialism, and tyranny in the world. We get to decide what direction we want this country to take in the coming years.

I never thought I’d live to see the day America would be threatened from within. The Obama White House has proven to be the most biblically hostile administration in the history of the United States. In a recent speech to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender (LGBT) advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States, President Obama told the audience they will “see a time in which we as a nation finally recognize relationships between two men or two women as just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman.”

We saw the vitriol of those who oppose Christian values when Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy took a stand for traditional marriage and was attacked for his beliefs. There’s one thing we need to know: Though liberals and activists have the megaphone of the media, they are a malignant minority. According to the 2010 census, same-sex couples comprise less than one-half of 1 percent of the American population!

Faith, family, and marriage are bedrocks of our great nation, and we have taken these blessings for granted. Let’s contrast the 44th president’s values with the 16th president. One hundred and fifty years ago, President Abraham Lincoln recognized what he believed was God’s hand of judgment on America. People were taking freedom for granted. Here is part of Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 proclamation:

“We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God.

“We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; …we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us! It behooves us then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.”

We aren’t that different today and the church is running out of time to seek God’s face and turn from our wickedness. Christians are suffering from complacency and many have grown lukewarm. In this book, we will examine why approximately 50 million Americans claiming to be born again appear to have such a marginal impact on society. If it is often difficult to tell the difference between a Christian and an unbeliever outside of Sunday morning, the enemy is winning. He is waging an effective campaign, but the final battles have yet to be staged.

“There is no neutral ground in the universe; every square inch, every split second is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan.” – C.S. Lewis

The church must reengage in the culture war. America is in disarray, and people are losing hope. There are two paths America can take: one leads to further moral erosion and socialism, ultimately ending in destruction, while the other path leads back to God and a revival of Christianity. There will always be opposition, but you and I believe in an unshakable God and with Him, we can make a difference.

A remnant of faithful, Bible-believing soldiers have been pretty lonely for decades as they have prayed and worked. They have purposely gone outside the walls of their churches to impact society for Jesus Christ even though secular progressives have told them to keep their faith to themselves. This book may upset you, but it will also encourage you to join the cause, fight the good fight, and choose Christ over culture.

One person has potential to impact countless lives for Jesus Christ and eternity. Author and Edward Everett Hale once said:

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do I should do, and with the help of God, I will do.”

God is being blotted out of America. Christians are being silenced by accusations of hate and intolerance; and our very freedoms are being threatened. The government, media, Hollywood, the abortion industry, and academia are not going to defend Christian values—it’s up to you and me. If we love God with all our hearts, we will take a stand for truth. We can trust him to be our rock, refuge and strength (Psalm 46:1). I pray we will be faithful servants of Christ and stop the downward spiral of Christian silence. America and the church really need us to understand the times and heed God’s call right now…while there’s still time.

Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of My God. Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you (Revelation 3:2-3).

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Do you believe recent polls or reports saying the Tea Party is dwindling? The media has swayed public opinion on this, but conservatives must be reminded to stay the course.

Occupy Wall Street was promoted effusively by the mainstream media yet on the one year anniversary of OWS last September, New York City could only muster 1,000 demonstrators. Where are they now? A common catalyst leading to the break out of the Tea Party in 2009 and Occupy in 2011 was the policies of Barack Obama.

It’s been proven OWS was about as spontaneous as the attack at Benghazi. The movement was a planned uprising organized by socialists, unions, and left-wing activists. We now know many protestors had jobs, good incomes or college degrees while hypocritically demanding economic justice in the hopes of overthrowing America’s systems.

In contrast, I recently spoke at a Tea Party meeting. Though the movement has branched off into many organized groups, there are hundreds of weekly and monthly meetings continuing to take place across America. The TP has not gone away and continues to be a thorn in the side of the Obama White House and the moderate Republican establishment.

These were two of the biggest public movements affecting America in years, but there was a stark difference in how the media reported on them. For example, Occupy Wall Street drew 24 broadcast network stories in the first nine days of coverage while the Tea Party drew only 19 in the first nine months! This isn’t journalism, folks. The media practically became OWS’s public relations department.

The Tea Party is a conservative grassroots entity. Occupy Wall Street is [was] a well-organized creation supported in part by the leftist Tides Foundation, a major recipient of George Soros’s funding,, as well as international interests. Massive government spending and the passage of Obamacare were two major factors that galvanized the TP while Vancouver, Canada-based AdBusters, an anti-consumerist publication sounded the initial call for OWS.

The TP endorses cutting both spending and taxes, reducing the national debt, and adherence to the US Constitution. They also aim to call awareness to issues challenging the security or sovereignty of the United States. OWS protested the disparity of wealth in America, capitalism, corporations, and big business. The primary OWS goals are equal distribution of wealth by government through taxation, financial aid for students/more jobs for college graduates, corporate regu­lation, and bank reform.

ABC, CBS, and NBC flooded their morning and evening newscasts in October 2011 with 33 full stories on OWS. In contrast, the Tea Party was initially ignored.


The story ratio was nineteen favorable to only one critical of OWS. (190 to 10) When confrontations erupted between the police and protestors, networks, being sympathetic to the OWS cause, were much more likely to pin the blame on police. Overall, American media continued to overlook arrests, property damage, public health concerns, assaults, and anti-Semitism.

What did OWS produce? Over 7,719 arrests in 122 different cities as of December 2012.  (Over two thousand in New York City alone.) Charges included civil disobedience, disturbing the peace, trespassing, drug use, and vandalism. Police rap sheets showed dozens of inci­dents of sexual assault, violence, and extortion.

There were at least nine deaths. The media also failed to report on the OWS money trail leading to big unions such as SEIU. The Nancy Pelosi-endorsed, White House-approved (President Obama said, “We are on their side”) protests included American flags hung upside down, desecrated, or burned. Some protesters openly admitted to being Socialists, Communists and Marxists, but the media was virtually silent on these associations.

Groups openly supporting OWS include the Communist Party USA, Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam, CAIR, American Nazi Party, Marxist Student Union, and Socialist Party of America.

Conversely, the Tea Party produced the mobilization of tens of millions of American patriots, many of whom have never before been involved in politics. They fly their flags at peaceful rallies, and they’re proud of America’s founders and Constitution. They love this country and are willing to stand up to big government.

The DNC called the Tea Party “rabid right-wing extremists.” ABC said they were a “mob.” CNN accused them of “rabble rousing.” Harry Reid called them “evil mongers.” Nancy Pelosi said they were “un-American.” Anderson Cooper and other liberals simply insult them.

President Obama has unleashed a tidal wave of bills, executive orders, and policies in efforts to make good on his promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” The result has been monstrous debt, relentless regulation, increasing taxes, and social policies that go against our Christian values.

Remember when this administration caused such a massive voter backlash in the 2010 Midterm elections the media had no idea how to spin the landslide? The GOP gained a record 65 seats in the House; Republicans also gained 680 seats in state legislatures and picked up ten state governorships. It was the largest margin of victory since the 1930’s. People of America woke up, spoke up, and voted. However, this is now about changing culture.

Our freedoms are under attack. We missed an opportunity in 2012 by failing to keep the momentum going. A friend recently reminded me, “Elections are not the leading edge of change. Elections are the lagging indicators of what’s already changed.”

Some now suggest our strategy needs to be: re-brand, retool, recruit, and re-engage. OWS may be plotting from underground, but the Tea Party is publicly active. We know what side the media is on. Let’s keep exposing hypocrisy and sharing the truth.

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Concerned American citizens that don’t know the facts about how our government uses taxpayer dollars are being misled because the truth is not reported by the media. Before the massive economic stimulus bill passed in 2009, VP Joe Biden insisted, “We have to spend more money to keep from going bankrupt.” That was three and a half years ago and Americans are still paying the bills.

We have a consistently anemic economy, high unemployment, as well as increasing energy and healthcare costs. Is the government corrupt or are they incompetent where handling taxpayer dollars is concerned? That stimulus money was supposed to lead to shovel-ready jobs – immediate job growth – but as the president himself chuckled, “Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected.”

Just last week, Obama shut down the Jobs Council which apparently was created as a photo op used to dupe the public into believing they were trying to get people back to work and recharge the economy.

In the case of the energy market, the government’s decisions have cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Let’s look at some under-reported facts.

Ten months ago, another Obama-backed solar company in California, Solar Trust for America, declared bankruptcy after receiving $2.1 billion in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy (DOE). According to the Wash­ington Examiner, Energy Secretary Steven Chu boasted the deal was “the largest amount ever offered to a solar project.”

Through the massive economic stimulus, the Obama administra­tion basically funneled money to their Democratic allies and even with all the evidence of failure, the media protects the administration disregarding American citizens in the process. It sounds good to ‘invest’ in green energy and the future of America, but government typically rewards companies that are loyal to those who make the policies. Crony Capitalism 101.

Reports have noted $80 billion was set aside in the 2009 Obama stimulus and instead of creating desperately-needed jobs, the administration funded politically preferred energy projects. The DOE immediately provided over $35 billion in loans, loan guarantees, and conditional commitments to renewable energy companies before the American public knew what was going on. Sadly, many still don’t know.

Money was poured into companies that had poor track records. More than 36 companies have received money from generous U.S. taxpayers, and have either gone bankrupt or are in the process of major cuts and layoffs. One spectacular failure is Brightsource Energy which used up $1.6 billion in taxpayer money.

First Solar received $1.46 billion. Next, Solyndra solar manufacturer, received a $535 million loan guarantee from the DOE and went bankrupt. Fisker Automotive, the electric vehicle manufacturer, received a $529 million DOE stimulus loan and has gone through layoffs. Evergreen Solar received $527 million.

Abound Solar received $400 million and has declared bankruptcy. Battery maker A123 received a $249 million stimulus grant from the DOE and has had layoffs. Ener1 received a $118.5 million stimulus grant; now bankrupt. (Ener1 was on the White House list of 100 Projects that are Changing America.)

A few other glaring green energy failures include: Johnson Controls ($299 million), A123 Sola ($279 million), Babcock and Brown ($178 million), LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million), ECOtality ($126.2 million), and Mascoma Corp. ($100 million). See Heritage Foundation’s extended list.

THIS ISN’T NEWSWORTHY? Even an AP report showed Solyndra hemorrhaging hundreds of millions of dollars years before the Obama administration signed off on the $535 million loan! The California-based company was the first renewable-energy company to receive a loan guarantee under a stimulus-law program to encourage green energy. Obama looked at the “investment” into Solyndra as a model.

At the time, Michigan Republican Fred Upton, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, warned:

“In this time of record debt, I question whether the govern­ment is qualified to act as a venture capitalist, picking winners and losers in speculative ventures and shelling out billions of taxpayer dollars to keep them afloat.”

Solyndra announced bankruptcy on August 31st, 2011, and in October, the Media Research Center released a study that exposed ABC, CBS, and NBC because they rarely mentioned it, just the opposite of their reporting on Enron, an energy company with Republican ties during the Bush administration:

“In just the first two months of 2002, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts cranked out 198 stories on the Enron debacle, compared to just eight (at the time of this study) on Obama’s Solyndra, which is a 24-to-1 disparity.”

How about investing in the private economy? There is no substantial proof green jobs are going to be successful in the near future. The green energy loan program was supposed to create 65,000 jobs, but reports could claim only 3,545 jobs.

The Obama White House and DOE stuck with Solyndra because its largest financial backer was George Kaiser, a major financial donor to Obama. Accuracy in Media’s Roger Aronoff stated, “This goes against the media narrative that Obama operates on a higher ethical plane than previous scandal plagued politicians.”

An entire month after Solyndra declared bankruptcy, a Pew survey found 43% of Americans “had never even heard of the scandal.” As for MSNBC, their primetime lineup went months without even acknowledging Solyndra.

Will this administration relent on its agenda? Just three months ago, Obama told an audience in Wisconsin that they’d continue to gamble with taxpayer dollars on green energy projects, confessing that “some of the businesses we encourage” with government loans “will fail” like Solyndra.

Bankruptcies and failures won’t diminish the Obama administration’s drive to keep spending our money as long as the media refuses to hold them accountable.


In Part 1 of this series on Media malpractice, we noted the lack of truthful reporting on abortion, and an overall abuse of power.