About David Fiorazo

          In his travels across the country, David became concerned about fading family values in America and growing complacency among Christians. He also saw increasing hostility toward Jesus Christ in every aspect of our culture.  The catalyst that led him to start writing, and that eventually inspired this book was what David calls, “the most corrupt, anti-Christian, one-sided media in American history who refuses to report the truth.” Because of his love for old-school journalism and his extensive knowledge of the ongoing secular efforts to blot out God in America, his wife, Rosanna was the first to suggest that he consider writing a book.
            “I wasted too many years on selfish pursuits and lukewarm Christianity. Since I’ve recommitted to live as fully as possible for Christ, it’s easy to see the Church in desperate need of restoration and revival. We cannot remain neutral any longer! I am passionate about truth and am convinced America would be much better off if we – common believers – all lived what we profess to believe. No more conforming to this world. Join me in making an impact, and let’s rally the remnant of true believers and live counter-culture for Christ.”
          Seeing the increase of immorality, injustice, and the attacks on conservatives, David prayed a dangerous prayer: that God would use his life and give him the strength to speak the truth regardless of the cost, the opposition or  the resistance; and that he would find the balance of loving others while standing up for Jesus Christ without apology or compromise. He is undaunted in his belief that, though our time is short, America and the church are worth fighting for.
          David Fiorazo is an author, radio personality, writer, and professional actor. He has worked in radio for 24 years and toured the United States as a drummer in Christian bands. While living in Los Angeles, he acted in television shows including General Hospital, in commercials, and was very involved in the Christian community. He lives in Wisconsin with his bride, Rosanna.
          “I invested a year of my life on ERADICATE researching, fact-checking, writing, and editing; early mornings, late nights, and weekends. There were times of overwhelming discouragement and spiritual heaviness when I sensed the enemy come against me and it confirmed that I was on to something big. Lots of suppressed Truth. This book will challenge your faith and perhaps your perspective while providing key Biblical and cultural insights, helping you understand the times, fight the good fight, and overcome the enemy.” -David Fiorazo