REDEFINING TRUTH: New from David Fiorazo

This new, timely book will point you to the absolute truth of God’s Word and help you navigate the agenda’s, distractions, lies, and confusion prevalent in our culture today. 


BOOK DESCRIPTION: At a time when truth is being denied, hated, rejected, and reinterpreted, many are falling for the deception. Irreparable damage has been done to the foundations America was built upon. We now live in a culture that has embraced moral relativism, a generation that no longer believes truth can be known. Right and wrong, good and evil are measured by feelings and opinions. It is all part of a satanic delusion and much is at stake. Redefining Truth provides answers and biblical perspective to the most pressing issues in today’s postmodern society.

Practically everything in life changes, but if God never changes and if absolute truth exists, then this investigation matters tremendously. You will be informed as we evaluate the overwhelming evidence supporting Christianity. You’ll also be encouraged to cultivate an eternal perspective even as attacks on believers are increasing. Redefining Truth will show you how to respond to others in a loving and confident way. This book will also help you successfully navigate through the noise, agendas, distractions, and confusion prevalent in America today. It will give you facts, history, and Scripture you can use to answer skeptics and challenge others to consider the truth of Jesus Christ. No decision is more critical.

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The Cost of Our Silence (reduced cover)

The Cost of Our Silence

Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance


David Fiorazo has an uncompromising, hard-hitting writing style overflowing with compassion for all people, and his perspective is soundly based upon the truth of God’s Word. His sense of urgency to warn the church about our silence cannot be overstated. He is one of my most articulate radio guests. I consider him one of the best “watchmen on the wall” sounding alarms today. –Jan Markell, Founder of Olive Tree Ministries

The Cost of Our Silence should be required reading for high school and college students, professing Christians, and perhaps most importantly, our pastors and church leaders. This book will open people’s eyes and motivate them to action.” -Rob Pue, Publisher, Wisconsin Christian News

“David Fiorazo is an eloquent and excellent writer, challenging Christians to speak out and take action against the growing secular culture infiltrating our nation. His new book, The Cost of Our Silence, builds to a powerful conclusion and is a clarion call to all those concerned about the direction of our nation as well as the church in America.” -Mike LeMay, Stand Up for the Truth

“I appreciate David Fiorazo’s thoughtful and passionate analysis concerning the moral and spiritual decline facing Believers today. While many in the Church waver under the pressures of secularism and unbiblical thinking, David is counted among the clear voices enunciating God’s truth in these troubling times.” – Eric Barger, Take A Stand Ministries

“We live in dark times disguised as enlightenment. David Fiorazo not only accurately identifies the reality of the underlying problem, he also gives his audience real hope in a world filled with false hopes. David is a modern day Voice in the Wilderness.” -Dr. James D. Langteau, Director of SE Asia, Wycliffe Associates

“David Fiorazo lives his faith. His new book communicates Biblical truth with an uncompromising passion, and takes aim at the many “professing” Christians who refuse to acknowledge or oppose the evils ravaging society – and the church – in America today. A MUST READ. “ – Alan Scholl, Executive Director, Freedom Project Education

“David Fiorazo is a rare and refreshing voice for truth in an age of apostasy and deceit.” –Joe Schimmel, Good Fight Ministries

“Wake up Christians! I believe our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they could see how the silence and apathy of the Christian community today has allowed the liberal agenda to take hold throughout our entire system. If Christians continue down this path of least resistance, it won’t be long before we become an enemy of the state and our views will be seen intolerant, bigoted hate speech…”


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David Fiorazo’s first book was published by Life Sentence Publishing, and is an information-packed work identifying two major problems causing the spiritual and moral decline in our country: the secular agendas to blot out God, and the complacency of Christians. HOW and WHY is this happening?

ERADICATE_BOOK_COVER_SMALL_rgb (2)David Fiorazo helps you understand, combat and overcome the anti-Christian agendas, apathy in the Church and the decline of morality in culture. You may be shocked as this book proves how sin is openly promoted while many Christians choose to look the other way.  ‘ERADICATE’ exposes the primary anti-Christian movements in America and gives you a thorough understanding of the foundational battle for truth. If there are no moral absolutes, then anything goes – and this is what we’re witnessing in our society today.

With 78% of Americans claiming to be Christians, how did it get to the point where Christianity is having less of an influence on our culture than culture is having on Christianity? Too many believers have conformed to the world and we’re now suffering the consequences. Enemy forces continue to destroy this nation by attacking America’s Judeo-Christian roots. David Fiorazo examines the problems, offers simple solutions, and reminds us that we are here for such a time as this!



This book exposes government, media, Hollywood, public schools, our culture of death, and the push toward socialism and Marxism. You’ll see how some churches and leaders are diluting the Word of God weakening the witness of believers. Instead of transforming our country for God, Christians have conformed to secular culture.  If everything in the Bible is true, shouldn’t we be living differently? As Christians, our loyalties must not be divided any longer or America may be spiritually lost. Even with the moral decay, God is still sovereign and in complete control. There’s a remnant of committed Christians resisting evil and standing for truth while boldly proclaiming the gospel.

The future direction of America  (and how many folks we influence for eternity) will be determined by our actions, words, and obedience to the Lord! We live in a godless America.  The choice is ours: honor God or man. We need to decide quickly, while there is still time.




*MEDIA page: Videos, Interviews, and ERADICATE book reviews*

Click Here to read one of many excellent reviews!


“ERADICATE has caused me to pause, pray about my beliefs, draw closer to the Lord in the decisions I make … Very thought provoking, very necessary.”  

“This book is a very eye opening… It is a must read for anyone wanting to see where our society is headed and be reminded about where we came from.”

“Fascinating, Engaging, and Inspiring… A must read for every Christian.”

 “Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I was convicted, concerned, and awakened from my own complacency on some issues in our culture.”

“This book is founded on heavy research, historical fact, and the truth of God’s Word.”

“The hard-hitting facts of this book will rend your heart and open your spiritual eyes.”

“If you want a Christian perspective to American history, buy this book. If you want a “feel good” and “peace and love” message, be prepared to be shaken up.”


  1. Tom Riley says:

    Sweet ! Congratulations Dave! I will be getting a copy and recommending to my church and other people I know for sure. May God bless you in this mission to get The truth out and help wake people up!

  2. Michael Mooney says:

    Outstanding, Dave! May God bless you and your efforts. Will definitely be buying this. Please write more. 🙂

    • You better read this one first and then let me know if I should write more (smile) thanks, Michael! Please order BEFORE Wednesday through my publisher and you’ll save $10 on two copies – their special offer. (Life Sentence Publishing) It’s also on Amazon as eBook ($5.86) and paperback ($22.95 plus shipping)

  3. Barb says:

    Hi Dave, can’t wait to read the book! Where do you prefer it be ordered from?

    • Thanks Barb, if you order BEFORE Wednesday through the WI publisher you will save $10 on two copies – their special offer. (Life Sentence Publishing) It’s also on Amazon as eBook ($5.86) and paperback ($22.95 plus shipping) I really appreciate you asking!

  4. william roberts says:

    job well done.

  5. victor says:

    good work dave…keep going!

  6. Barbara says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your timely and important book! God bless you! I have not read it but just now read about it from the article posted on examiner.com. Unfortunately, I am also a casualty of this hostile anti-God culture. Last summer I was fired from Penn State University as an administrative support assistant due to the extreme anti-Christian bias on college campuses and the radical homosexual agenda that is promoted as “diversity” and “tolerance.” I’m a single mother soon to be 50 years old in December. I have struggled terribly, both financially and emotionally, this past year trying to battle this grave injustice, to no avail. I filed a complaint with the PA Human Relations Commission citing religious discrimination but my complaint was recently denied again after I filed an appeal after their first denial in April. That’s it – they very unjustly denied my case without even allowing my day in court!

    Before you think that I perhaps lost my job for other reasons, I have a document dated eight days before my termination written by Penn State administration that states: “Injecting unsolicited faith-based comments into conversations is action and is unacceptable behavior in the workplace that will not be tolerated.” Is that not clearly religious discrimination and a violation of my freedom of speech? The document references my faith and my beliefs numerous times. That statement clearly proves they used my “faith-based comments” with coworkers to terminate me, yet I still was denied my complaint by the PA Human Relations Commission. This proves that our entire culture is totally biased against Christian expression and brainwashed by the so-called “separation of church and state” which is NOT even included in our Constitution! This blatant ignorance is incredibly FRUSTRATING!

    I’m so depressed by this terrible injustice and I am getting very despondent not knowing how else to fight this or where to turn next. Please pray for me – a sister in Christ that merely defended our national motto In God We Trust with a coworker and was placed on 90 day probation for termination as a result of my “faith-based” discussion defending the phrase. The head of our unit was a newly converted Hindu and there were also several gay and lesbian members in our academic staff, thus my expression of faith was considered “disrespectful” and “inappropriate” due to the incredibly anti-Christ liberal ideology of most of our staff members. Our country has gone completely INSANE!

    • Barbara, thank you for standing up for God and for sharing your story. I hear your heart and there are too many Christians being discriminated against. As painful as it is, your treasure is in Heaven and God will honor your stance for truth. There is a real divide in America and it’s evident in culture. They hated Jesus, they’ll hate us as well. For now however, we just need to keep seeking Him first in all things and speak the truth without apology or compromise. The results are up to Him. God bless you and provide for your needs and beyond. Our time is short, stay strong, Barbara!!!

      • Gil Mason says:

        When you figure out that your god is a concept of man, you will then realize that you are the supreme being on earth.

  7. DeAnn Winter says:

    Congratulations Dave!! Job well done–can’t wait to get our copy and God willing, attend your book signing!!! I’ve been taking a lot of flack for standing up for Christ as well but we all know the Bible tells us that will happen. Bring it on!!

  8. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for your response, David. I appreciate your words of encouragement. Yes, you are absolutely right, Jesus said they hated Him and so they will hate us as well. But what is terribly disconcerting is how this nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles with the majority of our Founders being Christians, yet we are now facing this battle because the very faith that inspired our freedom is being silenced and forced out by political correctness! As Christians, we must take a firm stand against this evil onslaught or our posterity will not enjoy the freedoms that we all cherish. I’m very concerned for my children and grandchildren and our nation’s future.

    On May 10, 2011, a coworker pulled a dollar bill out of his pocket and began a discussion at my desk expressing his dislike of the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ and he was insistent that Thomas Jefferson was an atheist. I totally disagreed with his claim citing the many references to God that Thomas Jefferson frequently made which can easily be found in any history book, and even inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial, yet I was reprimanded by our supervisor for my failure to embrace “diversity,” placed on probation, and eventually terminated from my position on August 31st. It is absolutely ludicrous that I could not discuss American history and the faith of our Founders and defend our national motto without getting fired from an institution of “higher?” learning!!! The battle for the soul of our nation is a very important one that we must not lose! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA and give us WISE leadership that will embrace our Christian heritage, not eradicate it!!!

    • Kim says:

      Barbara, for help fighting being fired for your religious beliefs, contact Liberty Counsel at www. libertycounsel.com for help!

      • Barbara says:

        Hi Kim,
        Thank you for your reply and suggestion, but I had been in touch with Liberty Counsel for two years, beginning a few weeks after my termination occurred. For some odd reason, after almost two years of phone conversations and email correspondence, they tragically decided that they do not handle employment cases. I was terribly devastated, to say the least! I also contacted the Rutherford Institute, the American Center for Law and Justice, the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty, The Christian Law Association, and many others who are devoted to fighting and maintaining our religious liberty. After several back and forth correspondences, they all said I would have to find an attorney willing to take my case pro bono. I simply couldn’t believe that even with the clear evidence against Penn State, in writing, which made several references to my faith, my beliefs and my opinions (calling them “inappropriate” and “disrespectful” because they did not align with their so-called “diversity” policies) they still were unwilling to help me.

        It’s so incredibly frustrating! The only reason I can come up with is the fact that the Crystal Dixon vs. The University of Toledo case lost the first round in court is why they were scared and unwilling to take my case. Either that, or we have become so terribly brainwashed by political correctness that even Christian organizations are not willing to take a firm, uncompromising stand for biblical truth any more. At any rate, I’ve been extremely distressed and frustrated and depressed over this entire ordeal. I fought as hard as I could, prayed desperately and constantly, and emailed and faxed as many people as I could to try to get legal help, to no avail. I simply do not know what to do about any of this any more. It has completely put me in the poor house and I don’t see any way out. I feel like I’ve been rendered unemployable because I simply defended the faith and discussed our national motto at a public university. As same-sex marriage gains more and more popularity and legalization, those of us who still believe marriage is solely God’s institution are going to have an increasingly difficult time expressing such. We are being labeled as intolerant bigots, haters and bullies simply because we believe God’s infallible Word.

        Therefore, please keep me in your prayers. They are greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

        God bless you and may He wake America up and turn her course, before it’s too late!

        Sincerely in Him,
        Barbara Davis

  9. Barbara says:

    I just found this great article addressing the debates of our culture: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/nab2/christian-respond-gay-marriage

  10. Mary Kay says:

    I got this book on my Kindle and am 53% through the book. I have wept, repented and prayed for The Church’s response or the lack thereof of the way in which we have voted for and placed in office those that are stealing from us without us knowing until it is too late. I believe we have become an apathetic church. We do believe our voice doesn’t matter. It is time to speak up for the foundational Biblical beliefs and not be afraid to preach the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When did the Scriptures stop being enough for the Church? Few Sunday morning gatherings are Scripture focused allowing the Holy Spirit to bring sinners to repentance through our obedience to God. THIS BOOK WILL PIERCE YOUR HEART! I applaud Dave for his research in writing a book of such depth and truth. We must all stand for Christ or we will fall for anything (as is obvious when looking back and seeing how far we have fallen!). May God add His blessings upon this courageous work. May the trumpet which sounds in this book calling our attention to the real issues and get louder as we realize just how complacent we have become in buying the bill of goods Satan has sold to us. Bless you Dave! I will be buying more books to share with Pastors and leadership! THANK YOU!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read Eradicate, Mary Kay! Christ alone is our hope and only through Him can we impact the darkness in our culture – by shining the light of Christ. Stay strong and keep seeking & speaking the Truth!

  11. Melinda Nolan says:

    Here’s a funny story for you. I have come to your website and book in a very round about, and I believe, God-led way. Two days ago, my mother was looking for something in the garage and a rolled up poster dropped from above. She called me to ask if I remembered a band called Freedom Jam coming to my high school. You and Todd signed my poster. I do remember your concert and as a young girl (I think I was a freshman) I was in awe of you guys. Anyway, my husband and I are in a small group through our church and just finished a 9 month study on Revelation and have had lots of discussion about how God is being removed from our society and certainly our government and leadership. I don’t believe in coincidences, so I’ve purchased your book and plan to read it in the next couple of weeks on vacation. Just thought I’d share the story of how I wound up here. Bet you never thought you’d hear that your concert poster from the 80’s brought someone to your book!

    -Melinda Nolan

    • WOW!! what a blessing, Melinda, and a blast from the past! So glad you’re part of the remnant and with the Lord Jesus Christ these days. As you know, America is turning away from God so it’s always nice to hear of others working to be salt and light. God bless you and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Eradicate. Stay in touch, okay?

  12. Larry M York says:

    Jesus was a socialist and lived in a commune with the apostles. Read your bibles.

  13. Etter Deal says:

    The world needs more Christians to stand up and speak out and I pray and encourage you to continue. I just finished your book, “Eradicate, Blotting Out God in America,” and I feel it is a “must read” for all Christians. We have to continue to wake up to the evil that is upon us and refuse to be silent no more before the America we all knew is no more. Thanks for such an uplifting and heartfelt book that speaks the truth!

  14. Hello David I just heard you on KKMS’s “On the Way With Ridgeway” (Paul Ridgeway) show. I have been laboring in the pro-life field for about 15 years and your mentioning of the eugenic roots of Margaret Sanger and her inspiration of Nazi eugenics was music to my ears. Abortion is the most egregious form of the apostacy of the church because it is the taking of an innocent life for mostly pride of life issues.
    Keep up the good work and when ou can mention Maafa21 (you’ve probably viewed it already) as a good video resource documenting the horrors of Sanger and Planned Parenthood. God bless

    • Hello Brian, and thanks so much – not only for taking the time to visit my website but also for fighting for Life! I did reference Maafa 21 in my book in the Planned Parenthood’s Buried History chapter. It is most disappointing that the abortion business continues to gain more converts right out of the pews and seats in churches across the country. THAT’s good marketing! Thank you for standing for the voiceless in the face of increased opposition. God will have the final say. God bless you as well and do keep in touch! Fighting the good fight…


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