Impacting Christians: What they’re saying about ERADICATE: BLOTTING OUT GOD IN AMERICA

Posted: March 23, 2013 by David Fiorazo in David's Blog, Eradicate - Blotting Out God In America

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ERADICATE continues to receive excellent comments and feedback, and Life Sentence Publishing did a 2nd printing of the book. The response from committed Christians has been very encouraging.  Ninety-four (94%) of the reviews posted on Amazon and elsewhere have been 5-Star & very positive so we believe the factual and truthful content is hitting home with concerned Americans.

  • “If this doesn’t wake us up nothing will! Excellent and scary. Well documented, challenging and eye opening. I’ll share this book with as many people as I can.”
  • “THIS BOOK WILL PIERCE YOUR HEART! I applaud David for his research in writing a book of such depth and truth… May God add His blessings upon this courageous work.”
  • “I actually took pages and pages of notes on this book. I was in total awe of what I thought I knew, but didn’t really know much about at all… [ERADICATE] is well written and hard hitting. It is easy to read and keeps you captivated… This book has renewed my passion for some things and its time I started getting proactive in my beliefs again.”
  • The world needs more Christians to stand up and speak out and I pray and encourage you to continue. I just finished your book, ‘Eradicate, Blotting Out God in America,’ and I feel it is a ‘must read’ for all Christians. We have to continue to wake up to the evil that is upon us and refuse to be silent no more before the America we all knew is no more. Thanks for such an uplifting and heartfelt book that speaks the truth!”
  • “The very first chapter entitled Why Truth Matters is foundational to the entire book. ‘Try defining truth apart from God or without universal absolutes and see where that gets you.’ (page 16) We are now taught that truth is relative. What I love most about Eradicate, is that it ultimately points people back to the source of truth which is the Word of God.”
  • “Wow! Chapter 10, ‘It Could Never Happen In America’ should be required reading for EVERY American.”
  • “Fiorazo tackles issues like abortion and homosexuality which the church has been afraid to confront… This book is intended to stir action. Readers will find thorough research, exceptional references and shocking quotes all sited impeccably and easily verifiable. The facts cannot be ignored. It’s time this generation rose up from its slumber and took the eraser back from the forces in power before they blot out God entirely.”
  • “ERADICATE has caused me to pause, pray about my beliefs, draw closer to the Lord in the decisions I make … Very thought provoking, very necessary.”
  • “I ordered this book after the author had been in my home town and did a book signing at the local book store…  The book definitely makes you think about this country and the direction it is headed. Many people say it isn’t possible for this [God to be blotted out] to happen, but it is right under our noses. Anyone who cares about this country should read the book!”
  • “I have seen much of what Mr. Fiorazo speaks and he documents it very expertly. I was not aware, though, that … movements were afoot to lay the groundwork for the abortion movement, for the removal of God and His Word from the school house, and the complete revolutionization of the political framework that makes America “American.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It shook me up, made me think and helped me to stop being complacent about my own Christianity. I think this book is well researched and written from the heart, with a sincere hope that Americans will let God into their hearts and country again!”
  • “Fiorazo takes a look back at events from the history of America, beginning with the Founding Fathers and going through today… Many people who write on this topic just rant and rave about “heathens” turning away from God, but Fiorazo lays the blame, not on those who made changes, but on the Christians who stood silent.”
  • “My experience when reading this book, included a mixture of responses such as…intrigue, surprise, fascination, mourning, deep sadness and yet also – a stirring of compassion for those who are lost in the bondage of the evil described. David did his best to point us to the Gospel and I want to commend him greatly for doing so! Aside from the Gospel – there is no power to affect this world or its people. I pray that through this book…we might accept the challenge of the author to recognize our condition and that of the world…moving us into action that starts with fervent prayers to be the salt, light, witnesses, ambassadors, soldiers and servants that the Christ life commands.”
  • “I found Eradicate, Blotting out God in America to be both relieving and grieving at the same time. I was relieved that someone was willing to speak truth despite what others think and yet grieved as I think how far we (the church and the nation) have declined over the years.”
  • “This book is a must read for every Christian; …Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I was convicted, concerned, and awakened from my own complacency on some issues in our culture. I am also motivated to continue to fight the good fight and relieved to know I’m not alone in my concern and outrage about the lack of truth and fairness in today’s media.”
  • “David Fiorazo’s book Eradicate is a fascinating and engaging walk through history… His passion to share the truth spills out onto the pages, leaving you breathless in every chapter. This book is founded on heavy research, historical fact, and the truth of God’s Word… It is a must read.”
  • “The hard-hitting facts of this book will rend your heart and open your spiritual eyes. The enemy of our soul has been trying to kill, steal and destroy… the book always points to Jesus Christ as our only hope and source of truth. Eradicate shows why it’s so critical for Christians to understand the times we live in. With a strong sense of urgency, I recommend you read it.”
  • “It really is a history lesson for Christians with encouragement and guidance of where to go from here. This book was well researched and well thought out. Is there a possibility that you may be offended by some of the messages and warnings? Absolutely. Jesus’ message offended people as well; He offended the religious people more than non-religious, actually. If you want a Christian perspective to American history, buy this book. If you want a “feel good” and “peace and love” message, be prepared to be shaken up.”
  • “To those who have not trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, I can only imagine that some will find this book to be foolish. But to those of us who have made Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, this book is a grim reality of what has happened right underneath our noses and where we are headed…”
  • “This isn’t some little book, at 368 pages, it will take some time, but it is well written and hard hitting. It is easy to read and keeps you captivated. As parents, we are warned, that if we aren’t educating our children, the world will gladly take on the role of educator for us. …This book is a must read for every Christian, we must read more of the “world view” type books to keep us informed about what is going on in our society today. We as Christians must keep informed and I feel that this book is a great resource for any library.”
  • “Mr. Fiorazo is fearless in exposing over a dozen ways God is being blotted out in America. In this excellent work, David calmly cuts right to the chase: God or Man? Quotes from the Bible and America’s Founding Fathers are effectively juxtaposed with today’s leading liberals. This text should be used in today’s classroom. I highly recommend this book and encourage you to read it. God Bless!”
  • “Only the lazy, complacent, and apathetic American have no need to read this book. All others will find a valuable and unmeasurable treasure which will hopefully not only stimulate their hearts, but permit them to see what secularism and relativism is doing to this country.
  • “Eradicate is a fascinating and revealing compilation of quotes and facts and explanations of historical and modern figures and their attacks on American’s Christianity. It is almost unbelievable how much garbage people accept today that would have drawn a protest not so long ago… Be educated. Be shocked by the sinfulness we have accepted in America. Read Eradicate. This book will be taking its place in my library.”
  • “I have wept much while reading David’s work. He painstakingly researched the truth of how our culture has been desensitized and programmed into a state of apathy. If the church is going to look like the world we have little hope of standing up to the agenda of the Enemy. Forgive us, Father! Pray! Thank you David for taking a stand and for being a trumpet for the Lord!”
  • “I thought this was a great book… So glad people are writing this kind of stuff instead of just allowing all of this stuff to go on without a word. Thank you so much. I myself say stuff here and there regarding it. But I feel so alone.”
  • “I can confirm that just as Mr. Fiorazo so astutely records, the 1960s brought about drastic change and society continued to spiral downward and unfailingly to the abyss that we now see. But the question was raised, “Where were the Christians?”
  • Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America by David Fiorazo is a hard hitting book examining the catalysts in our cultural decline… I recommend this book to those who are interested in a detailed study of the moral decline of America. It will encourage the reader to be alert and proactive in recognizing those daily influences that are weakening Christian’s influence in America.”
  • Eradicate, Blotting out God in America is a must read for any serious Christian out there. When people turn away from God, they reap what they sow. This is a must read book!!!!”
  • “All I can say is “wow”. This is a must read! David Fiorazo does a thorough job of illustrating the present state of America, and the steady elimination of God from our mainstream values… I found the book to be very interesting and it left me wanting more.”
  • “Wish I was able to put this book into the hands of every person I know and even those I don’t! We need the kind of awakening that I got from reading your book! I don’t think people begin to know what’s really going on in America!”
  • “It burdens me to see the deception that is occurring and how so many really don’t see it… Your book puts into words the thoughts that run rampantly in my mind when I see all that is going on and I try to digest it and then share it with others. I will be buying several copies to give out. Two to those, pastors! Thanks again for your hard work researching and writing your book.”

  • “Every Christian should read this book—eye opening! Well-researched. A page turner.”
  •  “This is a great book I am still enjoying. Everyone would do well to order a copy. It’s one of the best books I have ever laid my eyes upon.”
  • “You should give a copy of this book to your “sleeping Christian friends” and go ahead and get one for your pastor; you really have to read this book! It is at the top of my favorites now, in the top 3.”
  • I finished Eradicate just a few minutes ago & had to take a moment to say thank you for writing it. I plan to buy a hard copy (I have the Kindle version) to share with those who are not likely to pursue reading it on their own. I look forward to promoting it to saved & unsaved family & friends!”
  •  “David, your book is near the top of my all time favorites!”
  • “Worth reading but prepare to be upset at truth spoken here. It is NOT pretty, it is sobering. We really need a major wake-up call today as true believers in an all powerful all knowing GOD.”
  • “I enjoyed Eradicate very much. The amount of research you did was incredible. The history, the background was fascinating. I have passed the website link on to several friends. I plan on reading it again to refresh and pick up on any facts I may have missed. Great job & well done!!”
  • “I’ve read your book; parts of it several times and it is, along side of the Bible, the BEST book I’ve EVER read!!”
  • Knowledge is power only when wielded wisely; it’s the difference between knowing and doing something about it. ‘Eradicate’ is textbook reference of the highest professional publication. Awareness isn’t just a novel idea; it’s a factual necessity in answer to a higher calling. This is not only a keeper; it’s a book that you will want to give.”
  • “This is one of two books I read in the last month on my kindle that I then purchased in paperback to loan out to friends and family. I am interested in history and this book has excellent documentation on the history of our country and how far we have gone from the intent of the founding fathers. It is also current as it was written just prior to the 2012 election. I was constantly reading parts of the book aloud to my husband and sons as I read it. I highly recommend it to everyone.”
  • “I just heard about David and he works in the city where I live! It is no longer possible for Christians to be passive about what is happening in our world. His research and method of presenting fact is so inspiring. We need to stand strong and defend Christianity. This is a great read!”
  • “Thanks for writing this book! I really loved it. I thought you did an excellent job at backing up all your statements with solid research. I found myself not being able to put it down so I blame you for my loss of some sleep! It is very eye-opening and it magnifies the importance of ALL believers to be praying for this country and to be sharing the Gospel with anyone who can steam up a mirror by breathing!”
  • “Two thumbs up to David Fiorazo for tackling some hard topics with this book. The attention to detail is amazing, but its not just hearsay–everything is referenced and fact-checked. It’ll ruffle the feathers of the liberals and progressives, but its high time they were called out on the issues of today. Its clear that alot of thought and time went into this project. David is a man after God’s own heart–you won’t be disappointed reading this if you want clear, Bible-driven truth…

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  1. DeAnn Winter says:

    The BEST book I have ever read!! The truth spoken so very well! I also wish I was able to put this book into the hands of EVERY person I know and those I don’t!! It’s time for this world to wake up now and come to the Lord! Unlike what Jim Wallis wants people to think that they can die, go to hell and have a chance to re-think things and then go to Heaven, Dave tells it absolutely as it is! REPENT of your sins NOW or spend eternity with the evil one! A MUST READ book!

  2. Porkchop says:

    Eradicate religion and Man will have a chance to move forward. Enhance religion and Man will continue his retreat into the Dark Ages…..just where the religious profiteers like David Fiorazo hide in waiting for your last dollar.


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