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Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential women in the world, added fuel to the racial divide in America this week while promoting her new film, The Butler. Winfrey suggested that just because people are not using the n-word doesn’t mean they’re not racist. Also weighing in on the recent Martin/Zimmerman verdict, Oprah stated:

“But to me it’s ridiculous to look at that case and not think that race was involved.”

It is not, however, her views on race that concern me as much as her views and criticisms about the Bible. Oprah has been more influential than some of America’s pastors and religious leaders. Too many people today follow their pop-culture icons. Oprah has launched book sales and resuscitated careers for many authors and gurus while giving proponents of higher spirituality a platform, particularly those who promote a New Age philosophy.

The following is an excerpt from Eradicate: Blotting Out God in America, from the chapter entitled, “Emerging Into Confusion.”

In his book, For Many Shall Come in My Name, Ray Yungen describes the term “New Age” as based on astrology. Some believe there are cosmic cycles in which the Earth passes through a time period when it falls “under the influence of a certain sign of the zodiac.” This is a belief system that everything exists and revolves around energy containing tiny particles: atoms, molecules, protons, etc.

“All is energy. That energy, they believe, is God, and therefore, all is God. They believe that since we are all part of this ‘God-energy’, then we,too, are God. God is not seen as a Being that dwells in heaven, but as the universe itself.”

Many New Age proponents strive for a “Christ consciousness” or a “higher consciousness” in an effort to become more aware of these spiritual realms… the most direct way to achieve this is through meditation, [which is] “a primary source of spiritual direction of the New Age person.”

There are great resources available on the occult practices and history. It is so important to immerse ourselves into the Word of God and study to show ourselves approved by Him. We must be discerning about things such as: contemplative prayer, “centering prayer” and mantras, the law of attraction, witchcraft and Harry Potter, the Kabbala, spiritual formation, Labyrinth walking, and Wicca.

Teachings promoted by well-known celebrities are dangerous because people tend to believe and follow those they idolize.

“How can there be only one way to heaven or to God?” – Oprah Winfrey

You may have heard about A Course in Miracles which was written by a well-known New Age representative, Helen Schucman, who claims the book came directly from her inner voice. In the course, the listener is taught there is no sin, they are told not to make the “mistake” of “clinging to the old rugged cross,” and that the name of “Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol.”

Oprah has done many good things to help people, but does that mean we should trust her theology and religious beliefs? I’m not judging her heart because we are all wicked without the atonement of Jesus Christ. [Some] Christian pastors have warned about the teachings promoted by Oprah. A Course in Miracles teaches that God is in everyone and everything and that “the oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity, and your limitless power.” Wow.

Maybe you’re an Oprah fan and have always defended her or maybe you had no idea what she believes. In an interview with Oprah, New Age author and mystic, Eckhart Tolle criticized Christianity and also took live calls from viewers. Tolle stated:

“The moment you say ‘only me belief’ or ‘our belief’ is true, and you deny other people’s beliefs, then you’ve adopted an ideology… and then religion becomes a closed door.”

Oprah told the caller to simply realize Christianity is but one of many ways to achieve the higher consciousness, and the belief that one must follow a set of doctrines is a consequence of “ego consciousness.” [Always the opportunist, she should talk about ego?]

She holds that while Christianity is a valid way to achieve high states of spirituality, it must not be considered a unique way, or a “correct way.” Oprah believes God is all love, and she does not subscribe to the teaching that He is also a holy, jealous, just and vengeful God. She told her audience:

“The new spirituality is that you are your own best authority as you work to know and love yourself, you discover how to live a more spiritual life.”

Sadly, millions of spiritual seekers have been led astray, and due to Oprah’s popularity, people have opened themselves up to all kinds of practices, religions, and teachings contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical Christianity.

We need to pray for her and for those who may blindly hang on her every word, or the words of any secular celebrity.  Oprah is not the enemy – she is deceived – but she obviously believes she has the answers regarding God, spirituality, and eternity. People need to be warned; countless unsuspecting souls following her and those like her are being led away from the One true God and down a path of destruction.



Sharpton Jackson protest

There are no winners in this tragic case. A young man is dead; Trayvon Martin’s family will never see him again. George Zimmerman – though spared a prison sentence – will never be the same. Having all the evidence and facts available to make an educated, informed decision, the jury ruled Zimmerman acted in self defense. Al Sharpton’s crusade will now have to continue in civil court.

Immediately after the not guilty verdict Saturday night, tweets were sent out about revenge and death threats were aimed at Zimmerman, the jury, and the defense attorneys of this high-profile case. Zimmerman’s home address was even posted on the Internet with “you know what to do.” One thug tweeted a picture of himself holding an AK-47 rifle and saying, “Zimmerman, we comin fo yo life bi*ch.

Hollywood celebs and pro athletes joined the protest as well. NY Giants Receiver Victor Cruz tweeted:

‘Zimmerman Doesn’t Last a Year Before the Hood Catches Up to Him.’

Atlanta Falcons’ Roddy White tweeted:

‘All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.’

Geraldo Riviera commented on how the jury may have reasoned:

“I see those six ladies putting themselves, on that rainy night, in that housing complex that has just been burglarized by three or four different groups of black youngsters from the adjacent community. It’s dark; a six foot two inch hoodie-wearing stranger is in the immediate housing complex. How would the ladies on that jury have reacted?

Regardless of what you think about the Zimmerman verdict, the jury was somehow able to do what the media refused to do: ignore politics and public pressure. Instead, they chose to focus on the facts, the laws, and evidence of the case.

Few in the media report on the travesty in many inner cities in America where black on black deaths continue to increase with the violent crimes. According to the FBI, 91% of black victim homicides are committed by other blacks.

Few in the media report on the massive numbers of black babies being aborted at Planned Parenthood and other Gosnell clinics, especially in minority neighborhoods. Where is the public outcry over these deaths?

While the Zimmerman case was concluding, at least four more people were murdered in Chicago, one of them an eight year-old girl.

Since the July 4th weekend, dozens of people have been injured and at least 16 killed in Chicago, mostly shooting deaths in one of the strictest cities for gun laws. Not a peep from the media.

Liberals continue using race to divide Americans and it’s getting old. Their hypocrisy is glaring. The media that tried the Zimmerman case and found him guilty (until proven innocent) in the court of public opinion – a year before the trial – should be ashamed of themselves.

It’s also ironic that many in the Party claiming to be pro-women are now insulting the six female jurors that spent weeks in the courtroom away from their families, examined the evidence, and deliberated for over 16 hours before delivering the difficult verdict. Isn’t that sexism?

It’s no surprise Americans distrust the media more than ever. In a recent Pew Research survey, only 28% of people think journalists “contribute a lot to society’s well-being” a 10-point drop since 2009.

If you’re open to truth and are willing to research, you’ll find stories similar to the following atrocious, disturbing tragedy.


The medical examiner said Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian’s last few hours on earth were horrific and unthinkable.

The newly dating college students were on their way to a friend’s for a movie when they were carjacked at gunpoint by four black men in Knoxville, Tennessee. The following day, January 7, 2007, both families reported them missing.

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Newsome’s burned corpse was found near some railroad tracks by a train engineer and Christian’s body was later found at the main crime scene in a trash receptacle. The condition of both bodies and eventual confessions painted a shocking picture of beatings, gang rape, torture, and murder.

Blindfolded, bound, and gagged, Newsome was repeatedly sodomized with an object and eventually shot execution style near the train tracks.

After being raped, Christian sustained injuries to her mouth, anus, and vagina. While still alive, Channon Christian:

“had been beaten about the head with an unknown object, and raped. Afterward, bleach was poured over her Christian’s body and down her throat in an apparent attempt to destroy DNA evidence.”

She was hogtied, stuffed in plastic garbage bags and suffocated to death.

Did the media deliberately bury this story because the monsters that committed these acts were black and the victims were white?

montage of knoxville monsters

Three of the thugs were indicted on 16 counts of felony murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft, two counts of premeditated murder, two counts of especially aggravated robbery, four counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, 20 counts of aggravated rape and  two counts of theft.

Making it worse for the victim’s families, three of the murderer’s are seeking retrials because it was revealed the presiding judge admitted to a drug addiction and was disbarred. It wasn’t until last year that the Tennessee Supreme Court vacated the motions and the state convictions were permitted to stand.

Both families say with the pending retrials they need the community’s support. “After six years, we still don’t have justice for those kids,” said Newsome’s father, Hugh Newsome. “We haven’t had a life in six years.” Lord, have mercy on these grieving parents.

There is no comparing these two cases, yet just look at the selective outrage even though evidence clearly showed Zimmerman acting in self-defense as Martin was on top of him throwing punches. Trayvon Martin was the product of a broken home, had a criminal history and a history of fighting, and was caught up in drug culture – but the media rarely mentioned this. 

given the fact that Martin was the product of a broken home, had a criminal history and a history of fighting, and was caught up in drug culture – See more at:

God bless the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman families; they both need our prayers. No parent should have to lose a son or daughter. And no one should be convicted by the media and have their lives threatened due to racial dividers serving political interests. May God heal and save America.

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