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Who’s in charge here, anyway? The Obama administration is responsible for everything, but knows nothing. America is in ruins, scandal, and no one’s to blame. Evidently, the buck permanently stopped with George W. Bush.

The ever so smug White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, has had a tough go of it lately creatively answering questions saying he doesn’t know anything and the president had absolutely no knowledge or involvement – in anything. Apparently, ‘at no time was the Obama administration aware of what the Obama administration was doing.’ 

It’s funny, infuriating, and sad all at the same time. The most corrupt government in American history has not, is not, and will not be held accountable for their actions.

I hope I’m wrong; nothing will come from any of this.

With Americans as uninformed and disinterested as we’ve ever seen, consider the mounting information that continues to be brushed under the rug. If President Obama were a Republican, he never would have been reelected in 2012 and he’d be impeached in 2013.

But the media refuses to report the truth – unless they are practically forced to – about anything remotely negative on Obama, and four years of this has not only led to a well- insulated president, but also citizens who are not hearing many facts.

A CNN poll last week revealed 53% of Americans still approve of the job Obama is doing as president! Since it’s nearly impossible to estimate how many of these are die-hard liberals, progressives, Democrats, and college students, we should assume a majority of them have little interest or knowledge of Obama’s actual record. Gallup also has Obama’s approval right around 51%. So – what gives? His approval should be in the 30’s.

It’s been suggested that the media can tilt an election by approximately 8 points. I’d also say they can influence polls and approval ratings by making a devil seem like an angel.

America has reached a tipping point. While people are getting more frustrated, government is becoming more arrogant and evasive. Here are some stories that come to mind.

Who can forget the Obamacare monstrosity that was rushed through Congress and then crammed, forced, and stuffed down the American people’s throats? Nancy Pelosi infamously told us we’d have to pass the bill to find out what was in it, and now it’s old news. The lies have been told, the people have been deceived, and more than $1 trillion in new taxes and more than $2 trillion in new spending later, the Democrats have gotten away with their abuse of power – Scott-free.

Even HHS Secretary Sebelius admitted insurance premiums will increase and approximately 24 million Americans will lose their current coverage once Obamacare kicks into gear. Because of this, some employers are already cutting full-time workers hours so they won’t be forced to pay for as many employees’ insurance plans.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, for one, has proposed a 25% rate increase for many of their plans.

Insurance rates have gone up, people have lost health care coverage, employers have been forced to drop certain plans, and countless medical costs have gone up because of the upcoming changes in the law – forced upon the majority of Americans.

A few years ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was begging our own government for help protecting the U.S./Mexico border. Citizens were having property damaged or stolen, deaths were reported, and Mexican gun cartel activity was traced nearly 100 miles into Arizona. What happened? The Obama administration sued the state of Arizona for enforcing their immigration laws.

Next, when it came to the deaths of American and Mexican citizens, the reckless Fast and Furious gun-running operation was forgotten shortly after Obama protected Erik Holder and the (In)Justice Department by exercising his executive privilege – after it was confirmed Holder lied and was held in contempt of Congress.  

One scandal I thought would stick was Benghazi. The evasive runaround, the administration’s laughable talking points, and the complicit media silence kept people uninformed. The scandal didn’t stick, but it does stink. The spin and media puppet show shielded Obama and leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election, the Obama administration received extremely little scrutiny for the Benghazi incident and how it was mishandled back in D.C.

Remember the stimulus debacle? We’re talking about massive spending of taxpayer money on green energy scams; I mean “investments.” Jobs were promised and immediate economic growth was predicted and yet, one after the other, these companies failed miserably.

Solar Trust for America, declared bankruptcy after receiving $2.1 billion in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy.  First Solar blew through $1.46 billion, Solyndra wasted $535 million, Fisker Automotive received $529 million, Evergreen Solar spent $527 million, and the list goes on.

Now, we see the current, growing AP scandal involving information leaks as well as the DOJ seizing records of several Fox News employees while they targeted reporter James Rosen.

It’s also been confirmed the IRS has strategically targeted the Tea Party, Christians, and many conservative groups including Republican business executives that simply donated to the Romney campaign. (The IRS internal investigation was hidden from Congress and ended prior to the ’12 election)

Naturally, no one in the Obama administration knows anything.

To end with a ‘you just can’t make this stuff up’ storyline twist, the crony slated to take over Obamacare for the IRS, Lois Lerner, will apparently take the 5th in the ongoing investigation of IRS corruption.

I also faintly recall ongoing investigations regarding voter fraud in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

Geez, I hope the media or Obama Justice Department find some answers they’re not really seeking.

It’s all “ongoing.” Most of us are not holding our breath.